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පොත් විකිණීම, රැඩිකල් වෙනස සහ නත්තල් සීයා

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Top 5 Ways to Earn Online In Sri Lanka

  During past few months Sri Lanka has been through a lot of significant losses in it's financial income. Due to COVID 19 spreading worldwide, most of the foreign employees in abroad lost their jobs and could not make a living to send to Sri Lanka. In Sri Lankan financial sector too there were many budget cuts and postponements of payments. This was the time that people in Sri Lanka wanted an extra income to their hand. Many of them tried ways but many lost and a little suceeded. So in this article I am going to explain the top part time earnings which you can get while doing a full time job.  Most of the physical part time jobs need a time duration of at least four to six hours of work to get paid.  As most of you can not do such I am explaining about the online earnings only.  Anyone in Sri Lanka has an internet facility provided by their ISP. Almost everyone has a smartphone or a laptop to connect.  The question is, Can I get a huge income directly from these online jobs?  The a

7 Facts Why Sri Lankans are Poor!

  After a very long vacation due to COVID 19, I Started fresh to see through peoples lives. What I have noticed is that, After so many downfalls and mistakes, Sri Lankans have the courage to smile through their fear and poverty. Not every nation in the world are capable of doing that. So let us discuss about Sri Lanka and why is it still a developing third world country with so many poor people.   Most of the Sri Lankan families are based on one working individual. He/She may be a Government Servent or working at a private firm. But even in the Sri Lankan middle class, most of the families are based on either husband's earnings or wife's earnings. They have no further income. So there is 0% chance of them getting away from their daily routine of work to try out another high level income. Because if they quit their daily routine, try out a new income source such as a business and failed, they would be thrown to the road and have to starve for the rest of the days.   So Let us se

Let's Grow - How to Face the Food Shortage

  Sri Lanka was an agriculturally self-sufficient country even before the arrival of technology. With the agriculture and trade based economy, our country was very majestic back the day. Mainly Sri Lanka has changed into a dependent economic system from the outside world in past years. Sri Lankan made products were labelled as " NOT WORTHY ". Even though there were attempts to encourage Sri Lankan made products they were not much successful. People moved from the traditional way of being alive to a service-based society. So thereafter we did no longer have a self-sufficient economy.  Importing goods was essential to Sri Lanka and had become an important role in our economy. Food and water were available in plenty and because of that, no one wanted to grow crops in your own garden for the family. All went well until importing goods was limited due to COVID 19. So now it is time to take a step towards agriculture again.  There is a rumour of a food shortage throughout the world

Let's Talk - What is Love & a Relationship?

  What is love? ❤️ Have you ever felt love? ❤️ What is it like to be loved? ❤️ I hope you can answer all those questions by yourselves. Even though we do not like to talk about our feelings in public, I hope this would be a good chance to see you all by yourself. Love is a feeling that many of us are trying to hide. Although many succeed in finding and holding into the love of your life there are some people who are not. People always like to be loved. As I think, love is a very complex set of emotions which leads us to behave, act and believe in order to protect, care, respect and be affectionate to someone else.  However, today I am going to talk about the types of love which we find in psychology. As you can see, if you look at love in the perspective of psychology, you may feel it like it is not a hard emotion to suppress. You may get over your messy breakups and even may find a good person to date!  In perfect love, there should be three components according to Robert J. Sternberg

Let's Talk - Suicide in Sri Lanka

 Suicide in Sri Lanka is a topic that no one wants to talk about. Many will say that it is not their problem. But guess what, It may be your problem one day too. Before going to the numbers related to Suicidal activities I would like to remind you that Suicide can be prevented And you should play an active role in the society to care for others to prevent this.  According to the  World Health Organization (WHO) , approximately  One Million  people die by committing suicide every year. That means there is a person who is attempting to take his own life as you are reading the article, once every 40 seconds. The sad part of the story is this rate is currently increasing year by year. During the last four and half decades, the suicidal rate has gone up by 60%, becoming one of the three leading causes of the global deaths of people in the age group 15-44. In Sri Lanka suicide rate is  14.6 over 100,000  People. (2018) That has made Sri Lanka get the 29th among 157 Countries in the world in

Your Pet? No! Your Friend.

What is love? How it is made? Those are common questions for the people who fall in love from time to time. As humans, we see it as an emotion which attracts someone in mind and body to another, Mostly in a different gender. But there are some love stories unspoken of. Moments earlier A girl called me saying that her cat went missing. She was desperate and crying. That gave me the idea to find some interesting facts about animals who love us.  Most families in Sri Lanka has a pet. Most of the time the pet is really a pet. But in some instances, The Pet has become one of the family. They feed the pet and let it be with the family just because they love the creature while the others keep the pet for protection and use. In either way, people keep animals in their houses often. Take an example of a cat. I choose a cat because of the above mentioned scenario. The cat has a very small brain. Comparatively, it is 1% of their total body mass. However, the foldings of the brain of a cat and it&