Top 5 Ways to Earn Online In Sri Lanka


During past few months Sri Lanka has been through a lot of significant losses in it's financial income. Due to COVID 19 spreading worldwide, most of the foreign employees in abroad lost their jobs and could not make a living to send to Sri Lanka. In Sri Lankan financial sector too there were many budget cuts and postponements of payments. This was the time that people in Sri Lanka wanted an extra income to their hand. Many of them tried ways but many lost and a little suceeded. So in this article I am going to explain the top part time earnings which you can get while doing a full time job. 

Most of the physical part time jobs need a time duration of at least four to six hours of work to get paid.  As most of you can not do such I am explaining about the online earnings only. 

Anyone in Sri Lanka has an internet facility provided by their ISP. Almost everyone has a smartphone or a laptop to connect. 

The question is, Can I get a huge income directly from these online jobs? 

The answer is simply "No" 

I am saying that it is impossible to earn a lot of income from these online gigs just because you are doing it part time. If you have the proper guidance, right talent, right amount of invested time, right qualifications and the experience, it may make a fortune. But for most of the people it gives enough income just to do well without being on credit. 

So without further discussion, let us move to the earnings. 

  1. Dropshipping - Dropshipping is the mostly done online job among Sri Lankans. Because it does not need a Skill, Talent or a Stock of goods for you to sell. Dropshipping is opening up a shop online displying items which you do not own. When a customer requests an item from your shop, you get the payment, buy the item from the actual seller and send it to the buyer. The income from this method is the sales commission you gain from the displayed price minus the actual cost.  Most populer website to do the dropshipping is the famouse website EBay. People gets items to sell from chinese born web markets like Aliexpress or Alibaba. It actually is a type of a job which you can make a fortune from. What you need to do is do a hell of a lot research on the top selling products and list them through your account. Even though i was talking about ebay dropshipping, you can start with Shopify, Etsy or Wish too. 

  2. Youtube - Youtube is the newest trend among Sri Lankan youth to earn an extra income. Even though it is so hard to gain views and get paid most of the Sri Lankans seems to be doing it very well. You have to reach a milstone before you can monetize your youtube channel. When you connect it with Google AdSense through youtube partner programme, the automatic ads is going to do the rest. 

  3. Start Selling Your own Product- Let us say that you are a good baker at home but never got a chance to show off your colours. Try to sell your bake products through social media. You can use a website to pre order. Or just use the facebook or instagram as your business platform. There are delivery systems available all over the country to take your product to customers at a very special rate. All you have to do is tale good photos of your product and list them online for your price. You can sell bakes, Mobile Accesories, Garment Products, Crafts, Art or whatever you please but not illigal. 

  4. Online Servicing- If you are a service provider such as a Graphic designer, Coach, teacher or anyone with a skill to fulfill others needs, Yes! You can sell your service to others using internet. You can accept small projects and complete them while you are working on your full time job. You can teach students whom you meet through online. You can be a online gym instructor or a fitness instructor. Most of the Sri Lankans do this and most of them get what they want. Because people do not like to deal with large entities but they do good with a single person insted. This is a highly recomended type of income. 

  5. Fiverr- Fiver/Freelancer/Upwork are some of the online paltforms which provides a space to the client to meet their service provider worldwide. You can sell your skills for foreign clients for much larger values through these websites. But in order to do this you need to be a bit of an expert in what you do. Because if the client is not happy about what you gave them, they are going to write you a negetive feedback and then you can kiss your online business goodbye! If you can work hard, work smart and beat deadlines, these are the right places for you. 

As I was saying, when you are online the feedback is the key to your business going up. So try to do good to the customers and clients you meet. Work hard to gain an extra income. Work hard until you can have a good income more than what your company gives you. And guys, try to get some foreign income in to our country as that is the best thing that we can do to be a help.